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Chocolate Is Your Friend: Love And Braces

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Braces are that trusted ally who helps you fall in love with your smile, regardless of your age. Wearing braces comes with certain rules which help you get the most out of your orthodontic treatment. Given that Valentine’s Day, and all the deserts that come with it, it is important to adhere to these rules. Brushing and flossing after every meal is at the top of the list. Avoiding hard candy and sugar is also key, if you can follow these rules, you’ll survive February with flying colors. The great news is there are some deserts that are actually great for your teeth, the number one treat being, dark chocolate. Let’s talk about chocolate and braces.

Is chocolate a friend or foe?

There comes a time when we our sweet tooth strikes and chocolate is is one of those deserts that come to mind. What most people don’t know is that dark chocolate is a much better option for teeth than other types of sweets and candy. Any type of soft dark chocolate is safe for adults and children with braces. Therefore, if your loved one gives you chocolate on Valentine’s Day, it is absolutely safe to indulge. Unlike jelly sweets, chocolate isn’t too sticky in nature so you won’t need to worry about any piece getting trapped around the orthodontic appliance and tricky to remove.

Don’t eat too much!

Although dark chocolate is your friend, too much of a good thing can be bad for you. When it comes to chocolate, be sure to avoid bars with dried fruits, nuts, and caramel. Eating chocolate straight from the fridge when it’s too hard can also break your brackets.

Moderation is crucial, and this is not an exception. Enjoy a few bites of soft dark chocolate at room temperature, not from the fridge, and practice a good dental hygiene routine so as to protect your teeth.

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